вторник, 14 марта 2017 г.

Thule warranty service


these days I had the best customers experience ever with company Thule. I really glad to share this, because it was amazing!

So, I've bought backpack Thule Crossover 25l when I was in Ukraine, just before I moved to Barcelona, around 10 months ago. I like this backpack so much because it's made from really good and quality material, it has a waterproof coating, a comfortable section for laptop and iPad, documents, etc. When I put my laptop there I never worry about him, neither in rain, neither about to hit him or to break it somehow. So, really good quality product, really recommend it.

But I had disaster a few weeks ago, that my zip has come off in one place (look at the picture).

So, from this point the most interesting part :) I wrote an email about that situation to the warranty center of Thule and didn't expect anything special, just maybe find a company service just to fix this problem maybe or to buy another backpack. But they asked me photos of the backpack and a serial number. And just after I sent it they promised me to send another backpack. Imagine! Another new backpack! This is soo cool service, guys. Thank you very much, if you hear me! It is really really professionally and responsible from your side. And moreover, I received this backpack just in 4 days after. Just insane!

So, I'm so happy that now I have my new Thule Crossover :) And really recommend all of you to rely on products from Thule and be happy with them :)

And here is my new backpack, enjoy! :)

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