пятница, 23 декабря 2016 г.

Steam is down

What has happened with Steam? Why Steam is down? - We, everybody, asking that already for more than 1 hour. When Steam will return to his normal state?

Steam - is the major online store for purchasing and downloading games ever has been down for 2 hours all over the world and it is incredible. Now even existing web service where you can check the status of the Steam - https://steamstat.us/, so if you will need the most recent updates of servers status - you can reach this website.

There are existing few version what has happened with Steam: DDOS attack, system bug or just preparation before the Christmas holiday, Still there are any updates from Steam according to this issue.

If you are trying to access your account in Steam you will see this super pity dialog now:

Hold on, guys! #Steam


Guys from steamstat have made a pic :) nice job! )


95% servers were recovered, but Store still is not working.

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