понедельник, 23 ноября 2015 г.

New Angular Sequence library, just try for your own purposes

Angular Sequence Events

Library allows you to make sequence execution of events, handlers, broadcasts, etc. in next way:
    var sequence = new Sequence(this.$scope);

    .wait('userScroll-1', self.scrollManager)
    .wait('userScroll-2', self.scrollManager)
      loopLastAction: true
Library now works for AngularJS, using its $scope events mechanism.
Lib is in ES2015 syntax, so if you need it in ES5, please use babel to transpile.

 Action types

Library have now 3 types of functions:
wait (eventName) - to wait when event has been executed
exec (funciton) - executes some code
broadcast (eventName) - broadcasts the event


When you create the sequence you are starting some journey. In which you could use 3 types of functions: wait, exec, broadcast.
    var sequence = new Sequence(this.$scope);

    .wait('userScroll-1', self.scrollManager)
Here you are waiting for the event userAction-1 from any angular component, then when event has been fired you are going to the next step - waiting for the event userScroll-1. When you pass second parameter in wait function if means that you are calling method userSCroll-1 in self.scrollManager object and this method is getting callback as parameter. And when callback will be fired from this object next sequence method will be executed.